Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3. Be a Giver Like Garnett.

You don't have to be a T-Wolves fan to be on the receiving end of generosity. You don't have to be from Minnesota or even be a Kevin Garnett fan to be a giver. Although your friends or twitter fans would love NBA tickets, (and maybe one day you will treat them to it.) there is so much more you can give.

One thing all network marketers have in common, They all like helping people. There is a satisfaction of helping someone get to a level of accomplishment or helping someone achieve something they always wanted. Sure MLM brings money, but really it brings time, time to give, to help, to learn and to live.

There are many reasons to join an MLM, one reason is the resources it provides that allow you to give back.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2. Cell Phone Plans

Does that fact that your next phone contract might be with Google surprise anybody?
Google partnered with Sprint or T-Mobile is not a far stretch and lets face it, they are not doing it to lower the costs of our plans. It is because they know there is big money in it. Spending behavior has confirmed that our phones and devices are worth the hundreds of dollars a month to us and with things like cable and TV now becoming part of those devices, prices will not be going down anytime soon. What does this have to do with network marketing? Network marketing has created many millionaires but also it has created a significantly larger number of thousandaires. It is true, there is big money in network marketing, but it is also true there is a lot of small money.

Want a free phone? Join a company, get a few customers and grow your residual income to a hundred dollars a month.There are many reasons to Join an MLM, having a free phone is one of them.

Monday, March 2, 2015

1. Roth IRA

Planning, Investment, Retirement, Charles Schwab, Mutual Funds, 401(k), Scottrade, Edward Jones. You are already thinking about the future.You are already packing money away now to live off of later. Everything out there that talks about wealth and freedom, mentions owning your own business as one of the the many arrows in your quiver. Residual income is real. Many network marketing companies are legitimate. They give you a product and a system that with your time  you can turn into an asset that pays the rest of your life. Forget about the get rich quick or retire early. Have fun, enjoy the learning environment, make friends with positive people, be inspired, your life will change now, you wont even have to wait fo the investment to mature.

One reason to join a network marketing company, its builds a financial asset. If it brings $50 a month or $5,000 a month it doesn't matter, your financial portfolio will accept it and it will work towards your good.